~Past Puppies~

    RPR past puppies have all had large bone and great conformation coupled with beautiful coloring. Their temperaments, intelligence and confidence are outstanding.  They are very alert, aware of their surroundings and eager to learn.  Our puppies love to be with us and quickly become confident in our family ranch life, but also adapt to any lifestyle with ease. They show promise at early stages and we enjoy observing them as they grow, develop and progress into beautiful individuals. These puppies prove to be incredibly loyal and willing to please. Their social skills are excellent and they become great travelers as we take them with us. Most commonly, our dogs have produced Bi-color puppies with Black/Red, Black/Tan and Black/Cream that include silver and/or sable accent points.

   We love to receive updates on our past puppies and remain in contact with most RPR dog owners. We encourage all current RPR dog owners to send us pictures and updates on their dog so that we may share them.

Drake x Mocha ~  2013

Drake x Mocha ~ 2014

Drake x Mocha ~  2015

Drake x Mocha ~  2016

Drake x Mocha ~  2018