*Mocha is Retired*


                                                                                   DOB: 8/22/2012

Color: Black/Tan/Sable

                                                                                  Size: 25” tall, 95 lbs

                                                                                 DM tested Clear/Normal

    Mocha is a very kind hearted dog as expected as the devoted mother that she is.  She knows her role as a mother and carries it out to her full ability.  Her mother was a smooth coat black and sable that we welcomed into our breeding program.  Her sire is a long hair black and red that we bred and raised three generations from our original line.  Mocha is mostly black and tan, but she has inherited some sable coloring on her back from her mother and commonly passes it on to her puppies.  Her coat is more plush than long haired, however she carries the long hair gene. She displays the familiar “saddle” marking traditionally found on the majority of the German Shepherd breed. She is an excellent watch dog, alerting us every time we have a visitor or if she feels something is out of the ordinary.  She has a lot of independence and confidence and loves kids.  Mocha has to be involved in everything we do, especially if it has anything to do with riding in or on something in motion!


~ 4 Years

~ 2 Years

~ 9 Months

~ 10 Weeks