~Our History~

   What started over 20 years ago as a simple lesson in responsibility for our family, developed into a passion and appreciation for raising this amazing breed of Long Hair German Shepherd dogs.  Now we continue to dedicate ourselves to producing beautiful quality dogs for loving families in mind.  After losing our beloved AKC black and silver long hair shepherd, Cole in 2005, we began searching for a similar stud dog to continue our lines.  In our attempts to find another old fashioned type long hair GSD, we had no success.  After many hours of research and internet searching, we found that these beautiful desired, very large German Shepherds in which we strive to breed were being raised partially in the mid west and east coast, but mainly oversees.  Our long hard search inspired us even more to continue to share these wonderful dogs with others who may have had the same difficulties finding them under reasonable terms.

    Due to the expanding breeding competition and breeder stipulations, it has become increasingly difficult for families and dog owners alike to enjoy these wonderful dogs under their own terms.  At Rockin’ P Ranches, we do not enforce terms and conditions on individuals who wish to mold their puppy into their everyday lives, after all, it is their puppy.  We will not and

cannot restrict new owners from raising their puppies in the way they feel most beneficial and applicable to them.  However, we do care about the well-being of all our puppies and sincerely encourage all interested parties to gain the knowledge and full understanding of this long hair German Shepherd breed and the responsibility it takes to raise and care for them.We do hold the right to refuse the sale of any of our puppies which may jeopardize the health, well-being and/or irresponsible breeding of our puppies. We make the fullest attempt to observe our puppies personality traits to best fit prospective new owners with them.  We present our observations of each puppy and make recommendations based on the expectations and needs of individuals and/or families. We are also available at all times for full support when needed.  Our dogs typically have wonderful health and longevity that is appreciated by the

families who have come to love them as we do.  We want to extend the invitation to those who are still searching for a quality dog under reasonable terms and not miss the opportunity to include them as a part of your family.

    Our Long Hair German Shepherd dogs stem from the first purebred German Shepherd dogs that taught us to love and cherish them.  They are very loyal, obedient, highly intelligent, bold, protective and versatile.  They make excellent companions, working dogs, service dogs, family and/or watch dogs.  We seek out breeding stock with sound minds, excellent hips, good bone and straight backs so they are highly unlikely to develop hip dysplasia typically associated with this breed.

We focus on exceptional temperaments, health and conformation in our breeding stock as well.  Our dogs are healthy, family raised, on site and are our constant companions.  They have free range of our ranch daily and make good use of it!  We typically limit our breeding stock to a few dogs, as we want to make it possible to dedicate all our time and devotion to the dogs we have.  Our puppies are socialized at birth and continue to be throughout the duration with us, so they are confident and their temperaments develop fast. They are exposed to the daily sights, sounds and smells of our working ranch life style that boosts their curiosity and sustains their self confidence.  Our puppies remain with their mother and will not be placed in their new homes until 8 weeks of age. We feel it is important for our puppies to receive a solid nutritional start for growth and establish their social skills as they learn

how to interact with their mother and other dogs at this stage.  It is evident that we build our foundation on the overall puppy we produce, not registration papers and awards.

We respect breeders who have spent years in streamlining their stock to their expectations as we have done the same and we understand the pride that goes into it.  We do not raise champion show dogs, respectively, as we do not agree with several of the modern show breed standards.  Rather, we focus on raising a purebred long hair German Shepherd dog that fits into the everyday lifestyle of most family dog owners.  We accept other disqualifying traits not accepted in the show ring which we consider superior to the breeds standards.  The rare black and silver color and large stout build are considered faults in the show ring, however, they are not faults in our program and our dogs are not penalized for their beauty and unsurpassed temperaments.

At Rockin’ P Ranches, we strive to breed even-tempered, stable and efficient temperaments to ensure the versatility of our dogs.  Many modern and generic German Shepherd Dogs are high strung and busy making it more difficult for the dog to stay focused and relax when necessary.  We also strive to retain, preserve and reproduce the original standard style of the German Shepherd Dog.  We like to venture that our dogs are unique in our efforts.

*Note-All dogs pictured on this page are our past breeding stock and are no longer with us. However, our current dogs stem back to them and we are selectively striving to continue their lineage.