DOB: 5/2/2012

                                                                          Color: Bi-color (Black/Tan, Red & Silver Points)

                                                                         Size: 25” tall, 100 lbs

                                                                        DM tested Carrier (A/N)

    Drake can be aggressively territorial towards people and serves as an excellent watch dog on the ranch.  His dam is black and silver and his sire is a black and red retired military dog who most likely passed on the aggressive trait, however, we welcome it.  We allow enough aggression in our dogs for guarding purposes as well as our protection and safety.  Unfortunately, these beautiful dogs are increasingly becoming a high commodity to thieves as well, so its in our dogs best interests not to be so trusting and friendly to strangers without us present.  Drake is considered a Bi-color, however he also has silver throughout his chest, belly and back end, so we personally like to call it a unique tri-color.  Drake is exceptionally intelligent, loyal and intent.  He has a kind and calm temperament, loves kids and is extremely alert and obedient.  He naturally loves to work cattle when he gets the chance and is a waterdog as well. He is a versatile, well-rounded dog and goes everywhere with us. He is very tolerant and passive with dogs and absolutely loves his puppies!


~ 2 Years

~ 8 Months

~ 4 Months